March 10th – 11th 2015 – NGS meeting: “From the clinic to single cell analysis”

posted: 03.02.2015

This Next Generation Sequencing event highlights the developments of NGS applications in the clinic and in research and will cover the following topics:

  • Clinical Diagnostics (NGS of Rare Disease & Oncology)
  • Establishment of NGS workflows in a clinical lab
  • Quality parameters of NGS analysis in a diagnostic lab
  • Exome and Genome analysis
  • RNASeq (Transcriptome) and Epigenomics work
  • Limiting amount of input DNA & RNA eg. Single Cell Analysis

Next Generation Sequencing is a very powerful genomic tool that is opening up new possibilities when it comes to tackling human health issues.  Whether it is the effect of the environment on the DNA (Epigenetics) or the expression of individual genes in single cells (single cell transcriptomics) or the meaning and significance of data from NGS Panels, Exomes or Genomes, researchers are driving the applicability of NGS to its limits.

Biotexcel is partnering with leading genomics institutes in Europe to help push the boundaries by facilitating dialogue and dissemination of knowledge in a way that enables researchers to come together, network and initiate the next generation of collaborations using NGS.

In line with this philosophy Biotexcel is proud to announce our partnership with the National Institute of Molecular Genetics (INGM) in Italy to hold NGS 2015 Milan.

More information can be found here where registration is also possible.

Please contact Sabrina Monaco ( for any further information.

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