Abrignani Sergio

Chief Scientific Officer

Dual role of anti-TNF therapy: enhancement of TCR-mediated T cell activation in peripheral blood and inhibition of inflammation in target tissues.
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Safety and immunogenicity of HCV E1E2 vaccine adjuvanted with MF59 administered to healthy adults.
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CCR6 is expressed on an IL-10-producing, autoreactive memory T cell population with context-dependent regulatory function.
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B cell helper assays.
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NKT-cell help to B lymphocytes can occur independently of cognate interaction.
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Coligation of the hepatitis C virus receptor CD81 with CD28 primes naive T lymphocytes to acquire type 2 effector function.
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Prophylaxis of hepatitis C with intramuscular immunoglobulin: clinical and economic appraisal.
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Invariant NKT cells sustain specific B cell responses and memory.
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Hepatitis C virus polyprotein vaccine formulations capable of inducing broad antibody and cellular immune responses.
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Cytoskeleton rearrangement induced by tetraspanin engagement modulates the activation of T and NK cells.
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Activation of naïve B lymphocytes via CD81, a pathogenetic mechanism for hepatitis C virus-associated B lymphocyte disorders.
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Modulation of the immune response to the severe acute respiratory syndrome spike glycoprotein by gene-based and inactivated virus immunization.
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