Bodega Beatrice

Junior Principal Investigator


Beatrice Bodega obtained a degree of Doctor in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Milan. During her PhD she investigated the evolution of complex duplicated regions of the genome, in particular a class of tandem repeats (D4Z4), involved in muscular dystrophy manifestation. She then moved to Rome in 2009 for a Postdoc in epigenetics and repetitive elements role in cellular differentiation in the lab. of Valerio Orlando. Since April 2013, she joined INGM with a Junior P.I. position, head of the Genome Biology Unit.

The epigenetics field is finally approaching the function of non-coding repetitive genome. The work of Genome Biology team may provide important mechanistic information and novel interpretation of how specific non coding DNA functions may directly influence cellular processes, such as differentiation and disease. Ultimate goal that to demonstrate that evolutionary acquisition of such elaborated fine modulation of transcription represent an added value for mammalians, and humans in particular, to react to environment, adapt to stress, and eventually predispose to better or worse outcomes in disease progression. Such an effort in elucidating DNA repeats molecular mechanisms might at the end get genome biology and epigenetics research closer to truly effective forms of personalized medicine.


  • Role of DNA repetitive elements in maintaining cell identity and coordinating transcriptional programs during cellular differentiation.
  • Epigenetic role of D4Z4 repeat in Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy manifestation and progression.
  • Interplay between DNA repeats and Polycomb repressive complex in cancer transformation.

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