Geginat Jens

Principal Investigator



Jens Geginat graduated in Biochemistry at the Free University of Berlin, and obtained his PhD in 1999 at the Scientific Institute S. Raffaele DiBit in Milan in the lab of Ruggero Pardi. He then joined the Basel Institute for Immunology (BII) and worked with Antonio Lanzavecchia, from 2000 at the Research Institute for Biomedicine (IRB) in Bellinzona, Switzerland. In 2006 he was selected for a Junior Group Leader in Berlin of the University Hospital Charité at the German Rheumatology Research Centre (DRFZ) headed by Andreas Radbruch. In 2010 the Charité conferred him the Habilitation to teach Immunology at Universities. Since October 2009 he is leading the Autoimmunity Program at INGM. His main research interest is human T cell biology, in particular the characterization of regulatory and memory T-cell subsets. He has done relevant contributions to the understanding of how T-cell memory is generated and maintained. Moreover, his group was recently the first to identify human IL-10 producing regulatory T-cell subsets directly in vivo. The further characterization of these cells will clarify their role in immune-mediated human pathologies, and improve protocols for adoptive T cell therapy.


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