Publications 2010

Characterization of antibodies induced by vaccination with hepatitis C virus envelope glycoproteins
Ray R, Meyer K, Banerjee A, Basu A, Coates S, Abrignani S, Houghton M, Frey SE, Belshe RB
J Infect Dis
. 2010 Sep 15; 202(6): 862-6.

Safety and immunogenicity of HCV E1E2 vaccine adjuvanted with MF59 administered to healthy adults
Frey SE, Houghton M, Coates S, Abrignani S, Chien D, Rosa D, Pileri P, Ray R, Di Bisceglie AM, Rinella P, Hill H, Wolff MC, Schultze V, Han JH, Scharschmidt B, Belshe RB.
2010 Aug 31; 28(38):6367-73.

Mechanism of hepatitis C virus RNA polymerase inhibition with dihydroxypyrimidines
Powdrill MH, Deval J, Narjes F, De Francesco R, Götte M.
Antimicrob Agents Chemother
. 2010 Mar;54(3): 977-83.

CCR6 is expressed on an IL-10 producing, auto-reactive memory T cell population with context-dependent regulatory   function
L. Rivino, P. Gruarin, B. Häringer, S. Steinfelder, L. Lozza, E. Sugliano, A. Weick, D. Jarrossay, A. Kuehl, C.   Loddenkemper, S. Abrignani, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia and J. Geginat
Journal Experimental Medicine
2010 Mar 15;  207(3): 565-77.

Biology of Interleukin-10
R. Sabat, G. Grütz, K. Warszawska, S. Kirsch, E. Witte, K. Wolk and J. Geginat
Cytokine and Growth Factor Reviews
2010, 21: 331-344.

Streptococcus pyogenes SpyCEP: a chemokine-inactivating protease with unique structural and biochemical features
C. Zingaretti, F. Falugi, V. Nardi-Dei, G. Pietrocola, M. Mariani, S. Liberatori, M. Gallotta, M. Tontini, C. Tani, P. Speziale, G. Grandi, I. Margarit
FASEB Jornal
2010, 24: 2839-48.

BioRuby: bioinformatics software for the Ruby programming language
Goto N, Prins P, Nakao M, Bonnal RJ, Aerts J, Katayama T.
2010 Oct 15; 26(20):2617-9.

Reliable resequencing  of the human dystrophin locus by universal long polymerase chain reaction and massive pyrosequencing
Bonnal RJ, Severgnini M, Castaldi A, Bordoni R, Iacono M, Trimarco A, Torella, A, Piluso G, Aurino S, Condorelli G, De Bellis G, Nigro V.
Anal Biochem
. 2010 Nov 15; 406 (2): 176-84.

RSSsite: a reference database and prediction tool for the identification of cryptic Recombination Signal Sequences in human and murine genomes
Merelli I, Guffanti A, Fabbri M, Cocito A, Furia L, Grazini U, Bonnal RJ, Milanesi L, McBlane F.
Nucleic Acids Res
. 2010 Jul,  38 (Web Server issue): W262-7.

Characterization of nucleotide misincorporation patterns in the iceman’s mitochondrial DNA
Olivieri C, Ermini L, Rizzi E, Corti G, Bonnal RJ, Luciani S, Marota I, De Bellis G, Rollo F.
PLoS One
2010 Jan 8; 5(1) e8629.

Protein microarrays applications in biological and medical research
M. Bombaci & R. Grifantini
in “New Research Trends in Protein Chip Technology” (Book Chapter), Transworld Research Network 2010 (pages 1- 24).

Vaccination against hepatitis C virus, In New Generation Vaccines
Abrignani S, De Francesco R, Houghton M.
(Levine, M.M., Dougan, G., Good, M.F., Liu, M.A., Nabel, G. J., Nataro, J.P., and Rappuoli, R., Eds.)Informa Healthcare, New York, 4h ed, 2010.

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