Preventive molecular medicine for chronic diseases

banner-small-about-usThe decodification of the human genome sequence more than a decade ago has opened the greatest gap between the accumulation of scientific information and the possibility of translating this into new therapies or diagnostics. Hence, the need for more “translational” research and for a greater capacity to network between research organizations. INGM aims at strengthening European biomedical research in these two key points.

INGM biomedical research is based on “state of the art” technological platforms with strong connections to clinical needs. The presence among the founders of INGM of IRCCS Ospedale Maggiore of Milan and its location within the University Hospital campus facilitates the establishment of more clinically oriented research programs. In Europe, INGM collaborates with international institutes on the base of common, equally shared research programs funded by EU agencies. In the entrepreneurial sector, INGM collaborates, on the basis of Intellectual Property sharing, with several biotech companies, so as to reinforce the translational link of technological innovation.

INGM is an advanced research center, which creates a well-defined niche of activities in the field of human “omics” research. Through a diversified research network of public and private collaborations, INGM develops research projects aimed at identifying new biomarkers and new therapeutic targets that could improve the secondary prevention of chronic diseases (infectious, autoimmune or neoplastic). With the continuous aging of the population, secondary prevention is becoming a key factor for more sustainable health programs of our societies.

Thus, INGM strives to translate new discoveries into new diagnostic and new therapies aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality caused by chronic diseases, with the big objectives of improving quality of life while making public health more sustainable.