The Invernizzi Building

Thanks to a generous donation of 20 million euro from the Invernizzi family, the Institute’s headquarters and laboratories were established in 2013  within the campus of “Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico di Milano”, in the  “Romeo ed Enrica Invernizzi” building.

With 2500 square meters dedicated to research laboratories, our building allows us to increase the strategic research and training activities of young researchers, further opening our Institute to future collaborations with universities and companies of recognized international scientific stature.




State-of-the-Art equipment and know-how for cellular biology, molecular biology and bioinformatics analysis are available to all INGM scientists through centralized facilities and common instruments. INGM counts on three BSL-3 laboratories for handling infectious material (HCV, HBV, HIV), and flow cytometry equipment: two BD FACScanto II (3-laser configuration); a BD FACSaria III sorter (4-laser configuration), in addition to a BD FACS aria sorter (3-laser configuration) located in a BSL-3 laboratory. A centralized microscopy facility includes Leica TCS SP5 confocal microscope, automated widefield NikonTiE with environmental chamber, inverted widefield Leica DMI4000B and a dedicated workstation with Volocity, Metamorph, Cell Profiler, and ImageJ softwares.

Real time qPCR StepOne Plus systems are available to perform quantitative PCR assays. INGM regularly produced samples to be analised with Next Generation Sequence to perform gene expression profiling of coding and non coding RNAs. INGM is also equipped with 2 Fluidigm C1TM Systems (Fluidigm), which provides an ultra-sensitive, reproducible, and highly multiplexed solution for profiling gene expression from single cells and the Fluidigm’s BioMark HD technology for High Throughput quantitative PCR.

Data analysis tasks such as gene expression analyses, functional genomics and pathways/network enrichment analyses are routinely performed in the institute and backed by a robust research-IT infrastructure for standard to high performance computing with an in-house cluster of 400CPUs (AMD Opteron), 1.5TB RAM, 100TB storage on a 10 Gigabit connectivity.