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Beatrice Bodega obtained a degree in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Milan in 2003 and a PhD in Biotechnology applied to Medical Sciences at the same university in 2006. During her PhD she investigated the evolution of complex duplicated regions of the genome, in particular a class of tandem repeats (D4Z4), involved in muscular dystrophy manifestation. She then moved to Rome in 2009 for a Postdoc in epigenetics and repetitive elements role in cellular differentiation in the lab. of Valerio Orlando (Dulbecco Telethon Institute at Fondazione Santa Lucia). Since 2014, she joined INGM as a Junior Group Leader.

Her group is interested in studying the role of different classes of DNA repetitive elements in cell identity and plasticity of human primary adult cells in health and diseases condition. In particular, the lab employs 3D advanced imaging of the nucleus, NGS captured approaches and bioinformatic strategies to depict at epigenetic level their function in regulating the transcriptome.

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