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Elena Cattaneo graduated in Pharmacology and obtained her PhD in Biotechnology Applied to Pharmacology from the University of Milan, where she has been teaching as full Professor of Pharmacology since 2003. She is director of the “Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Pharmacology of Neurodegenerative Diseases” at the Department of Biosciences, and is co-founder and director of UniStem, the University of Milan’s Centre for Stem Cell Research.

Over the years, funders of the Cattaneo Lab have included the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (USA), the Hereditary Disease Foundation (USA), the CHDI Foundation (USA), the European Commission (through EuroStemCell, ESTOOLS, NeuroNE, STEM-HD, Stemstroke, Neuromics, Neurostemcell, Neurostemcellrepair, JPND CircProt and Model PolyQ, ERC advanced projects), the Ministry of Research and University (Italy), Fondazione Cariplo (Italy), Fondazione Telethon (Italy). E. Cattaneo has recently acted as coordinator of the EU project Neurostemcell (2008-2013) and Neurostemcellrepair (2013-2017). She is currently coordinating an Italian network on stem cells for Huntington’s Disease funded by the Ministry of Research and University (2017-2020).

On August 30th 2013, former President of Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, appointed her Senator for Life for scientific and social merits. Since then she continues to lead her lab, while taking part into transcontinental, European and national research consortia.

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