Alfieri Roberta, Phd
Carpi Donatella, PhD
Cheroni Cristina, PhD
Malagoli Tagliazucchi Guidantonio, PhD
Mazzara Saveria, PhD
Pietrelli Alessandro, PhD
Ventura Gabriele Alessio, Student

Our mission

The Computational Biology and Data Analysis (CBDA) group is a team of professional scientists focusing on study, development, and optimization of tools for the analysis of genomic data generated by INGM scientists. Our mission is to work closely with the Institute’s programs facilitating access to biological data analyses and elaborations to all research groups, while supporting translational research with standard analytical expertise and providing access to up-to-date and novel analytical methods.

Activities and Expertise

Our team works in the Institute’s bioinformatics open space in strict contact with other bioinformatics researchers and graduate students. Our team members either focus on single projects or work on multiple ones, according to Institute’s needs, workloads and project requirements. Our background is wide and ranges from biology to computer science, to statistics and engineering, allowing us to have a fresh and systemic view of data and their biomedical and clinical context. We are backed by the IT personnel granting us the access to INGM’s state-of-the-art computational infrastructure.

Our area of expertise covers:

  • High throughput experimental design, data quality control and statistics.
  • Data management, gene expression, genotyping.
  • Transcriptome analyses, from low to high throughput. Analyses of RTqPCR arrays, microarrays and RNA seq data.
  • Analysis of coding and non coding RNAs data: microRNA and lincRNA research.
  • Multivariate analyses for transcriptomics, genomics and proteomics features selection.
  • Functional analyses for biological contextualization, gene ontology and network correlation methods.

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