Protein Microarray



Our mission

The Facility provides access to Protein Microarray for biomedical research. The provided services cover all the main needs of basic and advanced research by using Protein Microarray.

The major objectives of the facility are:

  • Set up, maintain and develop Protein Microarray Technology for basic and advanced research.
  • Provide protein spotting, as such as antigens, antibodies for, extract cell for INGM researchers and external collaborators.
  • Directly provide sample spotting and analysis in specific applications for INGM researchers and external collaborators.
  • Provide on-site training and assistance to prepare biomedical researchers to the use of instrumentations and to introduce to protein microarray applications.
  • Perform independent and collaborative research for the development of advanced protein microarray protocols.
  • Perform collaborative research with INGM groups where highly specific protein microarray platform competences are required.

Activities and Expertise

Our facility is equipped with a Microgrid II spotter (Bio Robotics), a Hybrydation Station (HS 4000 – Tecan), a Scan Array Gx Plus (Perkin Elmer) and dedicated software as such as Imagene (Biodiscovery) to analysis of images and a dedicated software, in house developed to data analysis to samples from healthy donors or patients suffering from non-infectious diseases (inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer etc.).

Our area of expertise covers:

  • Immune Response Biomarker Profiling (IRBP).
  • Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI).
  • Drug target discovery.

INGM researches are supported by