FACILITY MANAGER: Cordiglieri Chiara

Our mission

The facility houses a large variety of systems ranging from basic stereo microscopes, fluorescence widefield and confocal laser scanning microscope to the latest High-Content System in the market by Nikon.
We provide users training and support that range from help with experimental design, image processing and quantitative image analysis, to the establishment, development and coordination of collaboration on specific projects in any field of biological research.

Activities and Expertise

Our facility is equipped with a tandem scanner filterless confocal Leica SP5, a fully automated time-lapse widefeld system (NikonTiE) and a variety of light widefield microscopes.
Additionally several image analysis and visualization software packages (Volocity, Metamorph, ImageJ) are available for users to analyze their images.

Our area of expertise covers:

  • Training of basic microscopy techniques including confocal and multicontent.
  • Training of basic microscopy including confocal.
  • Consulting service on immunofluorescence protocols as well on procedures for analyzing and interpreting the results of these methods.
  • Multi-color image acquisition and 3D rendering on confocal microscope.
  • Fast and efficient multi-point and tile-scan image acquisition – from automated image recording routines to complex multi-dimensional high-content screening experiments.
  • Time-lapse imaging with reduced photodamage on live cells for several days thanks to LED illumination together with a sCMOS camera for acquisition.
  • Developing Macro for automated image analysis.

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